Sizing Guide

Age                        Width (armpit to armpit)   Length (from back of neck to hem)  Sleeve length (armpit-cuff)

6-12 Months            23-24cm                          22cm                                                17cm

1-2 Years                 26-27cm                          26cm                                                18cm

2-3 Years                28-29cm                          33cm                                                24cm

3-4 Years                30-31cm                           35-36cm                                           27cm

4-5 Years                35cm                                38cm                                               30cm

5-6 Years                35cm                               40cm                                                33cm

6-7 Years                36cm                                43cm                                               35cm

7-9 Years               38cm                                 45-47cm                                          38cm


These are the measurements I use for my sizes, based on normal European sizing. If you are unsure which size to order, I generally suggest to parents to measure a favourite sweater you already own and compare it to my measurement table above. if this is not possible, always order a size too big.