About the knitwear and yarns

All knitwear is made using a beautifully fine and high quality of merino lambswool that is warm and soft around delicate necks. Most of my models are are of a medium thickness, ideal as a layer between a vest or t-shirt and a jacket. The Aran weight sweaters are much thicker.

Lambwsool is a wonderful material to use for childrenswear as it is warm, comfortable, lightweight, breathable and non-alergenic. It is also practical and hard-wearing. As new fleece grows every year, lambswool is a sustainable fabric, as well as being recyclable.

The nature of handmade knitwear means that every piece is unique and slightly different to the last. Lots of my sweaters use the 'Fairisle' technique - one which involves using different colours to create a design , which means behind the work 'floats' are created when a colour is unused at the front. I love the backside of Fairisle knitting, and I hope you will agree that this, along with the irregularity of my sweaters, add to their hand-made charm.

Many of my colourful yokes use ex-factory yarns (a great way of using up yarn that would otherwise be thrown away). This means that I can run out of a colour so your sweater may appear slightly different to the one you have seen in the online shop. However, what is special about my knitwear is that each and every one is different to the last -except for the fact that they are all made with the utmost attention to detail and care-and I can assure you a beautiful and unique sweater every time.