Originally from London, in 2004 I moved straight to Paris upon graduation to work in textiles, specialising in creating prints and woven textiles for the fashion industry. At one point, I was given a knitting machine from a good friend and it re-ignited my passion for knitting; something I had done by hand since childhood, having been taught by my grandmother.

When I moved to Normandy a few years ago to start a family, it seemed like a good time to also start my new venture into knitting, and what could be more inspiring than making colourful knitwear to dress up my own new baby boy, as well as all my friends' babies and children!

I've always found mass-produced knitwear so disappointing: the colours, the shapes, the materials, the prices... and my vision was to create a line of beautiful knitted sweaters using traditional techniques and motifs in bright colours and 100% natural fibres handknitted into modern shapes.

I am inspired my own 1980s childhood; folk costumes and textiles from around the world; and the cool, clean modern aesthetic of today. I want my knitwear to embody all of these things. I love to create well-made, colourful and warm knitwear to brighten up the Normandy winter, that is practical and chic and I strive to make the kind of knitwear that you will want to keep and pass on for generations to come.

Each sweater is made in pieces on a standard one-bed knitting machine, and brought together on a circular needle and finished off by hand, incorporating lots of different colours for a beautiful and unique circular fairisle yoke. It is then washed and ever-so-slightly felted, unifying all the wool fibres and colours together, and making the sweaters irresistibly soft and warm.

The collection is still growing. I hope this is just the beginning.